Life Church HTX

When thirty-six people met for their first service on June 8, 1954, they never suspected they had sparked a flame of revival that would endure for over fifty years. Ninety-one people were in attendance on November 12, 1957, when the James L. Kilgore family assumed the pastorate of the small congregation housed in East Houston at the corner of Market and Rouse Streets.

Eventually, a thriving bus ministry, an overcrowded Sunday school, and a standing-room-only congregation necessitated the move to 2950 Broadway, where the church continued to grow. Before long, the Family Life Center was built to accommodate Life Christian Academy, and adjacent properties were acquired to house Sunday school classes, a food pantry, a sound studio, and missionary and evangelist quarters. When the auditorium was full, and parking impossible, God provided thirty acres of land for a miraculous $140,000.

On December 6, 1998, a parade of cars, led by Pastor James Kilgore II, proceeded from Broadway to Windmill Lakes Boulevard for service in the new auditorium. Building the Sunday school and Life Christian Academy was Phase Two of the new property.  Construction began in 1999, and students started attending the beautiful 30,000 square foot education center the following year. The activity center, Phase Three, was completed in August, 2003, and provided space for the ever-expanding youth group. With the completion of our new worship center, Phase Four, Life is poised to bring hope to millions throughout the greater Houston area.