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It’s true; Philip Daigle could be called the "Most Interesting Man in The World”. He has traveled the high seas of the world, sailing around Cape Town, South Africa, the Bering Straights in Alaska, the Gulf of Mexico and to the lower 40 north of Australia, all while working in the Oil & Gas industry.

He has played for The Houston Texans, Oilers, Astros, Rockets, and many other teams; well…not really, but in his heart he did. Sports has been a passion in Philip’s life along with being the unofficial, proud, yell-leader for the city he calls home, Houston, TX. He also attended college in Indiana for Biblical Studies and assisted in congregations in Baltimore, MD, and Abilene, TX.

Philip has accomplished some incredible things in life, but most importantly and passionately, he and his wife Annie, with young son, Brady, lead HTXlife Student Ministry here at Life Church. He loves connecting and guiding students on their life-journey and has a fun-loving passion to lead them toward a consistent walk with God. At 7:30pm on Fridays, you’ll find Philip and Annie at the Student Center doing just that. Come join them!


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